Band Announcements:  

Virtual Holiday Concert...


I hope everyone is enjoying a nice holiday break! 

I have had an awesome time getting to know your kids, and getting to hear them grow as musicians. This year has been full of unique challenges. Over the past few months we have been working hard to make up for time lost due to Covid. We have spend the majority of our time working on scales, fingerings, note names, and tone. It has been a steep climb, but I believe we are getting our fundamentals back, and I think we will make great strides next semester.


I want to apologize for not having a traditional holiday concert this year. We needed to spend the bulk of our time on fundamentals, rather than repertoire. In addition, with students going in and out of quarantine, a traditional concert seemed like a risky move. Instead, we did a small ensemble project which ended up being a lot of fun! Students formed their own groups. Then they chose holiday music to prepare. They had only a few weeks to work together, and then each group had about 3 tries to play their song while being recorded. I kept each group's best take and shared it below.


Having students lead their own rehearsals allowed me to bounce around and fix unique issues within each group. This really helped me get to know the students and how they interact with one another. In addition, this student-led activity really encouraged the students to take ownership over their own performance, which is essential for any musician. While there are imperfections in the recordings below, I believe they accurately represent our experience this year. These are recordings of students working hard together to overcome whatever obstacles have been thrown at them.

We can't wait to perform for a live crowd. These kids deserve to have people cheering for them! I really hope that we're able to make that happen soon. In the meantime, please ask your child to show you their recording. Please encourage them to play other songs for you or relatives out of the holiday quartet folder. Please do anything you can to make them feel proud. They've worked hard, and they definitely deserve some praise. 

***If your child's recording is missing, please send me an email to discuss.