Thinking About Signing Your Child Up For Band?

With over 200 members, the Juban Parc Band is the largest organization on campus. Students love the band here at Juban, and here's why:

  • WE HAVE FUN! 99% of our beginners have no prior music experience. We work together to discover new sounds and new skills, and we have a great time doing it!

  • WE MAKE FRIENDS. Band members learn quickly that we get a lot more done when we all help each other every day. Everyone is welcome in band!

  • WE ROCK! Kids join band because it's fun. They stay in band because they are proud of their skills. It feels great to perform for crowds at pep rallies, football games, and concerts. It feels even greater to know that you're mastering a new skill. This is why the band is so big. It feels good to be great!

Click this link to learn even more about band!

Signing up for band can be scary if you're new to it. Before you make a decision, please consider the following:

  • INSTRUMENTS ARE EASIER TO OBTAIN THAN YOU MAY THINK. Used instruments are often very affordable. Also, we have various rental programs in our area. Monthly payments are usually less than your cell phone cost! If you want your child in band, but cannot obtain an instrument, just call or email me (email is better). I will do everything in my power to help out!  

  • NO MUSICAL KNOWLEDGE IS REQUIRED TO JOIN THIS BAND. We learn as we go. Everyone is welcome. 99% of our band students have had absolutely no musical training before my class.

  • THERE ARE FEW AFTER-SCHOOL REHEARSALS. Especially for beginners. We will rehearse about 5 times in your child's first year, and we'll have 2 concerts. 

  • BAND DOES NOT CONFLICT WITH ANY OTHER ORGANIZATION. We have football players, cheerleaders, basketball players, and everyone else in band!

  • MUSIC WILL ENRICH THE LIFE OF YOUR CHILD. Studies show that students who study music often maintain higher grade point averages, and score higher on standardized tests than students with no musical training. (Google this if you have the time!) Music also teaches self-discipline, social skills, and self-awareness. 

  • IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR RESERVATIONS OF ANY KIND, PLEASE CONTACT ME.  I firmly believe that music is for everyone, and I will do whatever we can to accommodate all students. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. 

If you're ready to sign your child up for band, please email me at

There are some instrument demonstration videos, and there's even a matching tool included to give us an idea of what instrument your child might enjoy playing. (Please do not go buy or rent an instrument yet!)